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Sitting in a world where the unknown can be extremely scary, I’m always on high alert for people who step up and share their thoughts, resources, and just some good old fashioned advice to help us all get through this incredibly bizarre and uncertain time. So, I wanted to pull some of that information together to share here so that you can use these to help plan your virtual learning days as well as navigate how to help your children (and you) handle the information that’s being thrown at us all.

First up: Seattle Photographer Anela Deisler has put together a comprehensive list to help parents take each day at a time as our kids are home for 2 weeks to “until further notice”. I shared this post on Facebook too because it wasn’t just about the planning we need to do, it was also really thoughtful.

Next up, one of my favorite people who is sharing her suggested Eight Things to do Instead of Panic, has a genuinely thoughtful approach to living in these strange times.


CNN has also compiled some helpful suggestions on how to maneuver social distancing.

And the last thing I want to share are a list of educational resources pulled together by my friend Alison Heintz, whom you can find on Instagram @TeamHeintz.

Since Ali doesn’t have a blog and only shared this on Facebook, I’m sharing her post in its entirety below.

“What to do during social distancing? A living resource library.—”Into the unknoooown!” is looped in my head right now, and MAN are those notes even hard to hit in my mind! (PS, if you haven’t heard, they are releasing Frozen 2 this Sunday on Disney+ 3 months early!) While this isn’t my personal area of public health expertise, as a public health professional, I urge you all to take the recommendations of social distancing seriously. Part of my own social distancing plan is to try and limit even more of my social media engagement as:1) I don’t have much time as my home life just got upended with the school and event closures, 2) with every scroll, it adds another piece of kindling to a fire made of health anxiety. We must not minimize how our “new normal” will impact our mental health.And yet, it seems like we all may need to rely on social media, in part, to nurture our human desire to feel “connected” now more than ever. Additionally, there have been so many great resources shared regarding how to manage the next few weeks as it relates education, entertainment, and mind/body/spirit. As we all try to find whatever balance works for us, I am creating a list of resources I have come across and would invite anyone who has additional ones to PLEASE SHARE in the comments below so I can continually update this “living resources library.”

ENTERTAINMENT Essential Movie Guide Broken Down by Age:

Comprehensive media (TV, books, apps, etc) guides

EDUCATION Amazing Educational Resources (free subscriptions list)

Campaign for Commercial-free Childhood’s Guide for Dealing with School Closures (tons of great resources linked)

Great, mindful advice from a homeschool mom on how to navigate all of us becoming temporary homeschoolers:

MIND/BODY/SPIRIT Care for your Coronavirus anxiety:

FREE 6-month subscription to the 10% happier app to all healthcare workers and volunteersE-mail them at and they will send you instructionsSpring Bucket List Print Out

12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch:

I would also add that public libraries will be going online so that you can check out books virtually. And don’t forget about zoos and aquariums! Many of them offer virtual viewing of their inhabitants. Check out the Vancouver Aquariuam’s live Sea Otter cam:

I’m going to continue to add to this list as more information is shared. So be sure to check back often! And to all of us…just take it one day at a time.

updated 3.18.20

How about National Parks Tours!

Now you can visit (virtually) 33 National Parks courtesy of every child’s favorite website, Google Earth!



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