welcome to the new katieoblinger.com

The last three months have been crazy…and exciting…and busy and it’s all been for this moment.  To be able to launch the new katieoblinger.com.  I could say it’s been a labor of love going through the entire process, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t laborious at all.  It’s been beyond anything I ever could have imagined.  With the guidance, expertise and talent of my dear friend Kristen Bailey, this site (and every other piece of my new brand) is immensely superior to what I could have anticipated.  Kristen took a pinterest board and turned it into this clean, crisp, perfectly “me” brand. A brand that sadly, I never could have envisioned for myself, but one that she saw all along.
And with this rebrand comes a new way to view my site.  So come on in and explore.

The Home Page  is a new gateway to katieoblinger.com. From there you can visit the blog, learn a little about me, find out info, and have a direct link to my client galleries. And that’s just the beginning.  This site is no longer a static (translation = BORING) site.  This is me pure and simple.

And as the site has received a makeover, how you receive your images has been improved too.  I’m so thrilled to announce that I have switched from zip files and cds to usb drives.  It got to the point that zip files felt impersonal and the cds were often times iffy.  I realized that I could customize usb drives and that’s exactly what I did…(and by I, I mean Kristen).


I invite you to poke around and check out the vastly improved digs. And if you’re looking for a place to start, hop on over to “Katie” and get to know me.


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Hello Friends

Welcome to Katie Oblinger Photography! 

This is where you will find happiness, candid moments, real, unabashed love, genuine people and the occasional photo of my child.  This is where you can come to enjoy the moments families share.  The moments of pure joy.  The moments I hope you'll soon create for yourself. I'm so glad you are here.