the camden series | #7

My dear little Camden,

We’re another month into my letter writing series and you’re turning more and more into a little boy with each passing day.  I look at you and wonder where my tiny 6lb, 13oz baby has gone.  The brown fuzzy hair has been replaced by the most amazing blonde locks. The little tiny boy who babbled to us at 3 months is now pretending to answer the phone and say “hello”.  There’s no more tummy time, there’s just outside time where you play backetball and blow bubbles for hours on end.  You’re a wanderer/explorer/troublemaker/adventurer and the most tenacious person I’ve ever met.   You’re particular about your food – loving peas and hummus and your applesauce pouches…but try to feed you grilled chicken or any sort of meat, forget it.  Game over.

The cutest thing though is how much of a little boy you are.  Every night before you go to bed you pick up two books:  Trucks and This Is The Firefighter and read them religiously.  And by read, I mean you flip the pages feverishly until you find the tractor and the bulldoba (bulldozer) and then you’re done. With the Firefighter book, you point at the doggie and the helicopter and proceed to seek them out on each and every page like it’s your job.  And when you’re done, you’re done.

I never could have imagined this is how life with a toddler would be.  But each day is a new adventure and each day brings something amazing.  You continue to surprise us and entertain us and I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting life.   Thank you for bringing us so much love and joy and utter happiness.  You make each day of our lives brighter.

I love you,


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