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Beautiful mother and son outdoor family session
I’m of the (strong) opinion, belief that we, as mothers, really need to take a few opportunities to sit on a blanket, in really beautiful sunlight, with our children snuggled in our arms. You may or may not really need that whole sunlight and blanket bit, but based on this session, I would lean heavily towards those add-ons. Let’s be honest, you’re 99.9% of the time the one snapping the photos and videos of your kids. No, this isn’t really news to anyone, it’s just a reminder that you are the one who is ALWAYS standing on the wrong side of that camera. Do you know how good it feels to be able to pull your little ones into your lap, wrap your arms around them and have someone document that? It feels pretty damn good. You may be slightly neurotic (like me) and hate your outfit, your weight, your smile, your nail beds (yes, I actually do hate them, but that was more of a movie reference that, if you get, we’ll be fast friends). But you know who doesn’t hate your outfit, your weight, your smile, your nail beds? Your kids.
That’s right.
Because you know what they love more than anything?
So suck it up princess. Stop being a martyr. You need this just as much as your sweet babies do. I promise you will thank yourself (and probably me for giving you such a kind and gentle nudge) for taking this step to secure some really amazing memories.
Also, if you’re in doubt of how to style yourself and your family, Janna, the mom featured in these photos is personally my inspiration for all future client (and personal) sessions. And even though she isn’t a stylist, she should be. Because that hat?? Greatest prop in a photo session ever. Now please enjoy this amazingly sweet, stylish, super ridiculously gorgeous family. By the way, these boys are truly obsessed with their mom and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Brothers standing in the golden sunlight
Mom lifting her baby girl up in the sky
Mom snuggling her baby girl.
Mom and precious little boy posing for outdoor portraits

Roswell Family Photographer

little boy sitting in a grassy field
little boy playing in a grassy field
little boy laying in a grassy field
Beautiful mom in a striped dress holding her baby girl
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