The Camden Series – #2



My dear Camden,


I can’t believe your 14th month is almost in the books.  And I honestly can’t believe how much fun this month of your life has been.  I try to make mental notes of it all, but I know I’ll leave something out.

You’ve gone from simply saying “bye bye” to adding blowing kisses to the mix.  You just started saying “hi” even though you’re still completely timid about it.  You say “mummy, mummy!” and I get all excited that you’re not only calling me, but doing so with a Stewie Griffin inspired accent.  Turns out that sweet “mummy” actually means more…and you’re not referring to me, instead you are referring to your Puffs.  You eat like you’re a vegetarian and it makes me giggle because your daddy and I would rather eat burgers than broccoli.  You love spinach nuggets, meatless meatballs, chick’n nuggets, veggie burgers, and tofu.  You are completely obsessed with the garden gnome and every time you walk outside, you go straight for him, stop, squat down, and point.  Doesn’t matter if you’re on the front walkway or the top of the driveway…you are always in search of Mr. Gnome.  When I ask you if you’d like to brush your teeth, you motion as if you are doing it.  But my favorite thing that’s happened over the last few weeks is that you are now putting yourself to bed.  You point at your crib and then once you’re laying down, you simply say “bye bye”.

My heart melts on the spot.

You’ve now gone through two different eye surgeries and have come out on top.  Your eyes look perfect and while we’re still not sure if your vision is perfect, we know that it will be in a matter of time.

Your daddy and I tell ourselves daily how lucky we are to have you in our lives.  You continue to amaze us.  You’re silly and sweet and quirky and funny and undeniably adorable.  And we can’t imagine a day without hearing your voice, or your giggles.

So to you, my sweet little boy, here’s to another amazing month.  I know month 15 is going to be equally full of excitement…and a lot more teeth.


Love you sweets,




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