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The nightly bedtime routine has seen many variations over the years.  It started with rocking. Then it become rocking and singing a little Phillip Phillips. Then it morphed into storytime. And after a few years of switching between the ones mentioned above, introducing new songs and new books, Camden became more vocal.  Literally.  And now his bedtime routine has officially become a nightly “dance party”.  Sometimes we turn the lights off and dance around the room to whatever Coldplay song strikes his fancy that day.  It’s a mix of silly meets sweet and I don’t care at all how ridiculous I look because it’s our time together.  Time that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  EXCEPT for these images below.  Because even though I’m a lowly observer to his new concert phase, it’s the most ridiculously precious thing I have ever witnessed.  He doesn’t know he can’t play the guitar or the keyboard, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.  It doesn’t stop him from setting up the microphone exactly as Chris Martin does in concert.  It doesn’t stop him from throwing himself on the ground as if he’s performing his own Coldplay concert.  Nothing stops him.  In his mind, that bed is his stage and he is living his dream.

And that’s why I have named these photos The Album Cover Series. In our house, he’s already a star.

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