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When I was contacted to get back into the photography game with the “Front Porch Project”, I might have hesitated for a second. I’ve been sheltering in place since before it was cool and the thought of seeing people outside of my immediate family might have given me hives for a second. But then I remembered that I own a ridiculously long lens that allows me to not only stand at a safe distance from people, it allows the people, my clients, to feel comfortable.

One thing that has struck me since I stepped back out with my camera is that sometimes we focus too much on the little things. I don’t mean to say that I won’t continue to focus on the little things, the hand-holding, the tight squeezes, because I thrive on those moments. But staying far away allows me to see the big picture. And right now that means family. That means kids standing alongside mom and dad. Brothers and sisters together. The family dog being a part of the family portrait. Now more than ever stories are being told. And those stories are taking place on our front steps. In our yards. In our driveways. I really am honored to be able to document these days. Because while we watch the news and hear the stories of heartbreak and anguish, there is this side of goodness and healing that I’m not sure any of us expected. So I will keep showing up with my camera to capture the upside of these inexplicable times.

Atlanta Family Photography

wife and husband giving real life couple goals as they pose for the front porch project
the front porch project, sandy springs, georgia
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