Life in the time of Covid | Marietta Family Photography

It was a shelter in place:

the idea that we’d always be home made everyone grow weary and bored. Very, very bored. So we tried everything in our power to remain normal and happy. And during the shelter in place we added a puppy to our little family. A beautiful fluffy land cloud who barked and barked and barked some more. We were given beautiful days as Spring gifted us with the arrival of blooming tulips and an array of pink and white and red azaleas. The Cherry blossoms and Dogwoods littered our yards with their flowers. And the hydrangeas began to show their true beauty.

And we, well we sheltered in place. We soaked in the warm sunlight. We played board games and card games and chess games. We baked doughnuts and cookies and ate every last morsel. We snuggled our puppies and we enjoyed family walks mornings and nights. We played guitar and drums and read breathtakingly beautifully illustrated books. And while there was an air of sadness at times, we reminded ourselves that out of all the bad and sad we were lucky to be with each other. And how wonderful a thing that was.

little boy sitting on a seafoam green couch, while snuggling his Samoyed puppy.
Little boy in his blue bedroom, holding his 8 week old Samoyed puppy tightly,
Samoyed puppy looking over the footboard of a bed. An Australian Shepard puppy looking up from the floor.
little boy lying on his bed while petting his samoyed puppy. With an Australian Shepard black and white puppy lying on the floor next to them.
Little boy playing drums while watching tv.
Australian Shepard black and white puppy lying next to her sister, an 8 week old Samoyed puppy.
Australian Shepard black and white puppy lying next to her sister, an 8 week old Samoyed puppy.
Cute little blonde boy wearing his Tom Brady Patriots jersey and holding his black and white Australian Shepard puppy and his fluffy white Samoyed puppy.
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