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roswell, atlanta family photographer_0607In full disclosure, I know these guys.  They are my neighbors and have been for 6 years so it goes without saying that I have a bit of a background with these kids. They are smart, kind, silly, warm, compassionate, and every imagineable adjective I could throw at them.  I’ve watched them grow into their own and it’s been remarkable to see how they are already forging their paths for the future and they aren’t even in high school yet!  In a few weeks my family is moving and with that I will miss seeing Amelia practicing her round off back handspring tuck on the front lawn or Jeremy practicing hoops in the driveway or their mom training their new puppy while watching over her two precious children.

If you follow photographers on Facebook, Instagram, or even their blogs, they are always saying how lucky they are to get to do a job they love.  It sounds a bit cheesy and trite, but in all honesty it’s true.  I get to freeze these moments for families.  These moments that might seem like everyday moments to an outsider, are priceless to those in the photo.  They tell a story of a time in their lives that they want to hold onto. Of their kids before high school.  Of their children after braces.  Of their mom incredibly happy.  So yes, it’s cheesy and trite to say how lucky I am that I get to document your life, your special moments, but to me, it’s my truth. Because these moments, these photographs are what fill up not just our walls and our bookshelves, but our memories and our hearts. And my friends, I am so lucky to be able to do that for you.

Thank you P family for always bringing the love, the smiles, and so much joy with you.

roswell, atlanta family photographer_0608roswell, atlanta family photographer_0609roswell, atlanta family photographer_0610roswell, atlanta family photographer_0611roswell, atlanta family photographer_0612roswell, atlanta family photographer_0614roswell, atlanta family photographer_0615roswell, atlanta family photographer_0616roswell, atlanta family photographer_0618roswell, atlanta family photographer_0619roswell, atlanta family photographer_0620

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