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For a second I toyed with the idea of naming this blog post “big love”, but then it hit me I use the word “love” in a whole bunch of blog posts titles. Probably because I really only photograph loving, happy families.  Then it also dawned on me that “big love” was the title of an HBO show and I thought better of it.  So The H Family will do just fine.  Because there is no other family quite like the H Family. And I mean that with the utmost sincerity.  When I met them two years ago I photographed their little girl’s newborn photos.  I left that day with a newfound understanding of why we are chosen to be our children’s parents.  Eryn and Craig were meant to be the parents of these precious three kids. Each of them has their own story. Their own personality.  Their own unique and beautiful soul.  And witnessing these parents with these children is something special to see.  You just get it.  You get why they were so lucky to be the parents of such amazing children and you’re left with a smile on your face.

While I’m the lucky one who gets to spend time photographing them and document special occasions, I love following along as Eryn documents their days.  Their trips to the park.  Their neighborhood adventures.  Their micro-fashion.  And most importantly their undying love for one another.


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