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Tonight I soaked up a podcast or something of the sorts while I worked out. The overwhelming theme was being in the here and now. Connecting to the ones you love. And with that brief sound bite, I couldn’t get it out of my head. The idea of humans, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives connecting, being present. When I started to dig deeper into this idea of connection and the here and now I pictured sessions I’ve photographed over the years. The Malament’s session from this past fall jumped out. It was one of those sessions that just felt right. It was more than a photo session (if that makes any sense). It was about them being there. Being there with and for each other. Taking an hour out of their day to leave the chores at home. To leave the social media locked away on a cell phone. To leave the dishes in the sink. The laundry in the dryer. All of that can wait. But this session….it was about their connection as a family.

This podcast/video, whatever it was, left me with the knowledge that a session isn’t always about smiling pretty for the camera. At the heart of the session, it’s about the time families have committed to connect to each other.

At the end of the day I hope this is the one thing I will always be able to impress upon each and every person who chooses me to photograph their babies, their children’s faces, and their families. Because clothing looks good, but moments like these FEEL better.

Mom and son sitting on a blanket in the green grass with little boy wrapping his arms around his mother's neck

Little boy sitting in his dad's lap, giggling while his dad talks to him.
Husband embracing wife while they stand in the golden hour in a field of tall green grass with a small tree behind them
Mom hugging her son tightly, while she holds a golden rod flower.
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