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Sister and brother, both in blue, hugging

Have you ever wanted to take a writing course just to have the basis to create and execute blog posts that don’t make you sound like every other photographer blogging about a session? No? Just me? Outstanding. I’m seconds away from taking a Masterclass because who has time to sound like every other photography blog online? Ugh. Not me.

Here’s the thing, I do want to tell you that I adore this family. That they really were *that* cute. That they were all smiles and laughs and everything in between. I just don’t want it to sound cliche or trite. Again, who has time for that?

So I’m going to scamper off to another website to take a course on creative writing, or humor, or something that helps me locate and unleash my inner comedienne and/or Brene Brown. In the meantime, keep scrolling and enjoy this ridiculously cute family who loves each other a ton…where the little boy turned our session into a game of “I’m not looking at the camera”, but was still completely charming and silly. And his sister was equally sweet and smiley, but fortunately for me, DID look at the camera. 🙂

Sister and brother, both wearing blue, hugging each other.
little boy laying on his big sister's leg.
black and white picture of a mom with a huge smile, hugging her daughter closely.
mom pulling her daughter's hair back into a ponytail.
little boy laying on a tree branch.
Little boy throwing his head back in laughter, sitting in his dad's lap.
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