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Do you ever wake up and wonder where the years have gone?  I woke up at 530a this morning, super early, to make sure everyone was dressed and ready to meet the school bus for the very first time…ever.  You see in our neck of the woods the school system is incredibly thoughtful and offers a “ride along” for all new students.  And the best part is that the ride along invites parents for the fun. As we stood there anxiously waiting for our little boy’s first school bus to arrive, it hit me that I blinked and his first 5 years have flown by.  How this happened, I will never know.  But they have and here we are on the edge of something new and wonderful and terrifying.  And I cannot wait to watch it all unfold.  Because as my friend said, “this is the beginning of something amazing”.  And it is.

Stay strong moms and dads.  Just remember, these little guys have got this!
camden bus ridealong

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