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If you’re like me, you Instagram everything.  Your food, your kids, your pets, your kids’ shoes, everything.  Obviously all of that means something to you, right?  Otherwise you wouldn’t be photographing it all.  With my little iPhone I have documented Camden’s life since the day of his birth. And with each new phone, I have to make sure all of those photos are safely transferred to my computer and backed up properly.  The thought of losing any of them is devastating to me.  The 5th photo I ever Instagrammed was exactly 119 weeks ago and it was my newborn baby (only a few hours old), sleeping in his little hospital bassinet. To this day, I remember everything about that moment.  Sharing it with the world.  Showing my sweet little boy off.  Losing that image would kill me.  But it also drives me nuts that it’s tied up on my phone in some vast wasteland of photo files.  What good is that ever going to do me?  So great, I can scroll through a camera album to look at it, but guys, that’s not enough.  Being able to hold the picture in my hand, to frame it, to keep it out on display is what I do…what I love to do.  I’ll save the talk  of printing your digital files for another day, but let’s start right here with all of your Instagram photos.  Because they should be printed up as well.  And guess what?  You can.

It’s called Printsagram or http://printstagr.am/

And it’s just about the easiest way of ordering prints. Ever.  It links you up to your Instagram photos where you select the images you’d like to print.  I opted for the 4x4s and I love them! But you can do so much more.  If you’re not so much of a do-it-yourselfer, you can order them already framed too.

There’s no reason for all of your favorite images to be buried in your cell phone or on you Instagram feed.  When you’re 92, that phone will be long gone, Instagram will be a thing of the past, but your prints that you’ve adored will be there for you and your family to enjoy forever.



print your instagram photos | katie oblinger photographyprint your instagram photos | katie oblinger photography


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