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This session was a unicorn. Gray skies, praying for a smidge of sunlight or any light. Then without warning, you look up and see the beginnings of a cotton candy sky. The kind of sky you only see when your son drags you out of bed, even though you’re on vacation, down to the beach at 6am.
And all of a sudden, she’s there. Growing more perfect by the second and you can’t believe your luck.
A session that was rescheduled due to weather. A session we weren’t sure we’d get in for weeks. And then this. The perfect session with the perfect scenery for the perfect family.

It’s actually quite beautiful when everything just falls so perfectly into place.
mommy and little boy snuggling on the grass.
black and white picture of three brothers lying on their stomachs, smiling at the camera.
three young sons hugging their dad tightly
family of 5 standing in a field in front of a cotton candy sky, smiling for the camera.
black and white image of a little boy smiling off camera
katie oblinger photography_family standing for picture at sunset
family of 5 staring off into the sunset
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