the camden series | #9

Dear Camden,

Your 21st month is in the history books and you’re well into the last leg of your 1s.  It’s crazy to think that in a matter of time you’ll be a bonafide 2 year old.  Not that you’re not already acting the part…you hit your stride with the terrible twos a few months ago.   Your daddy and I are hopefully optimistic that we will all get through this phase relatively unscathed.   But, I do love how much you’ve already changed.  I talk about it all the time, but you’re such a little boy.  Running and playing, completely fearless.   You opt for the big kid slide over the little one every time.  What amazes me is just how well you navigate them too.  It’s as if you’ve been sliding your whole life.  Your fascination with bubbles and your new bubble machine hasn’t waned a bit. It’s what we do rain or shine, morning or night.  You officially have a favorite new song…and it cracks me up that you love it as much as you do.  You’ve gone from obsessing over “The Addams Family Theme Song” to begging “mo mo” for “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” to your new love, “Soldier“, by Ingrid Michaelson.  You couldn’t have more of a diverse taste in music if you tried, but I love it and I love seeing you get all kinds of smiley when you hear your new favorite song.

The best part of this past month was watching you develop even more.  You’re repeating so many more words and even stringing 2 and 3 words together at a time.  Your daddy and I think it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever to watch you learn all these wondrous new things.  I’m fairly sure we’ll never tire of hearing you say new words and new phrases like “mommy car” or “more hummus”.  I mean it’s kind of totally adorable, much like you.

The fact that we get to watch you grow and change and learn every single day is the most amazing thing ever.  Before you came along, we never imagined that being parents could be this exciting and special, but each passing day proves that being your mom and dad is just about the best thing ever.  Even when you have thrown your 4th temper tantrum of the morning.

I love you so much,


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