The Camden Series | #5

Dear Camden,

Today you officially turn 1 1/2. 18 months. And in the grand scheme of your life, this will be a blip on your radar, but for us, right now, it’s another milestone. You’re almost 2 and getting farther and farther away from being our little baby. Oh who am I kidding? You’re a little boy now…a rambunctious, adventurous, loving little boy. Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and I’ve become a bit obsessed at getting you to say all of your new words to me every night on our way home from school because it might be the cutest thing ever. I mean, you’re just now 18 months old and you’re already saying “basketball”! Of course, it sounds more like “baketball”, but we all know what you’re saying. You have a new love for “turtle” and an even bigger love of saying it.   You are obsessed with Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Polar Bear, Polar Bear and that love you have for your booka bookas is growing daily.

You enjoyed Christmas with all of your grandparents again this year and as usual, I took far too many pictures of all of you together. We gave you an abundance of gifts and have enjoyed watching you play with all of them as you learn what each can do. We also introduced you to paints and canvases and are having so much fun as you create your little masterpieces.

And I told you….Libby is finally coming around! Slowly… You’ve taken to laying down on her and she’s not moving.  This morning you and Justice shared your cereal and your daddy and I couldn’t get over how sweet it was.  One piece for you, one piece for Justice.  And you gave him your food with the biggest smile on your face.  You are officially sharing with us and I love it even if you do try to feed me the food you’ve spit out.

Everyday is a new adventure with you and I couldn’t ask for anything more amazing.  While I look forward to each new milestone and each new word you say, I miss the little baby we brought home from the hospital 18 months ago today.  So, can you do me a favor?  Can you just take your time with this whole growing up thing?

And if you’re wondering about the series of pictures of you and your daddy, well sweetie, that’s part of our evening ritual.  After you eat dinner, play, and bathe, we let you watch The Addams Family intro.  Might seem weird, but it’s what you love.  Heck, it’s what you’ve loved for over a year now.  You bang the desk along to the snaps, and when you see the lion, you say IBBY!! and turn around at look at her.  Not sure what it is about that song that makes you so happy, but it does, and we’ll keep playing it for you until you stop saying “mo mo” and even then, I’ll probably keep playing it for sentimental reasons.

I love you sweets.







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