the camden series | #4

Oh my little Cammie Cam,

Your monthly birthdays are going far too fast and all I want to do is slow time.  These last few weeks have shown us that you are more little boy than baby boy with your rapidly growing vocabulary, your running, your climbing, and your new independence.  At your 15 month appointment, the ability to speak 5 words was considered great.  You’ve blown that number out of the water and are now repeating everything mommy and daddy say…reminding us daily that we have to watch what we say at all times.  You shout Bulldawg! during Georgia games (and every other hour of the day) and you give your Uga big hugs whenever you see him.  You even shouted BULLDAWG as we walked through Target in Tuscaloosa this past weekend (we were so proud! even if Georgia lost the SEC Championship to Alabama).

You want apples (or rather apple sauce) for every meal and throw quite a tantrum if we say no.  You could play outside for days because let’s be honest, you get to watch for planes when you’re outside, and who doesn’t love to do that?  On your rides to and from school, we practice your words and are so proud when you surprise is with something new.  Last week you said school (cool) and again, blew our minds at how quickly you pick up things.  You carry your sippy cup of milk and your container of cereal around as if they are your proudest possessions.  You now know all of your grandparents by name and get incredibly excited when you see them.  Saying their names has not been an easy task, but you keep at it and make them all so happy when you do.  Now, if we can just find an easy way for you to say Rhoob you’ll be all set.

You visited Santa again this year and while I thought there was a chance for a meltdown in the beginning, you were a total champ and pulled some cute little smiles out and once again, took some adorable pictures.  You even found yourself a ridiculously expensive reindeer to take home with you.  His name is Bob. And because I’m me and you’re you, I couldn’t say no.  (I hope that’s not a theme of things to come…)

There are so many amazing things you do or say each day that trying to remember everything gets more and more difficult.  Did you know you almost have a mouth full of teeth?  Can we discuss how adorable they are?  And you still love to brush your teeth! I think it’s in your top 3 favorite things to do.. other than bathing and eating.  Oh! And you now say Ibby!  Libby is still a little standoffish, but trust me, she’ll get there.  You continue to love on her the way you do and I promise she’ll return the sentiment.

See, so many things going on and it’s only been a month since I last wrote.  Little man, you are quickly becoming the most adorable little boy ever.  Aside from the blonde hair and precious face, your personality, your warmth, and your sweetness are what make you so adorable.  You are genuinely a loving little boy and that is what we absolute adore about you.  Your hugs are kind and warm.  You know when mommy and daddy need love…and you surprise us with random walk-up hugs.  I say it a lot, but those are the things I’m most proud of…those are the moments that I know how special you are.  Those are the moments I will cherish always.


As always, I love you with all my heart.


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