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I preach on all forms of social media (or really to anyone who will listen) how much I believe in the power of the photograph.  How it’s a time machine for us to cherish, relish, and drown ourselves in in the future.  The photograph is everything to us and to our future generations because it’s a living story that we’re telling in one sweet capture.  When I added a tagline to my blog this year it wasn’t because I wanted to be different or cutesy or whatever the hell we photographers are trying to do at any given moment.  I added it because I meant it.

Life. Camera. Memories

Our lives become our memories.  And that camera I wield, or the iPhone you’re carrying around, they’re our ways of documenting these days.  I read an article last night over on the Huffington Post titled ” ‘Don’t Blink,’ They Said…” (make sure you read it when you get a moment; also make sure you’ve got a glass of wine handy, you’ll need it) and it hit me hard.  Back to that whole preaching thing…there’s a reason I preach about photography and the power of the photograph.  Because if you blink, you’ll miss it.  But these photographs will save us in the end.

So photograph your kids playing in the dirt. Photograph your family snuggling each other close.  Photograph your husband being silly and goofy with your girls and make sure you of all people are photographed with those you love more than anything else on this Earth.  Because you, my dear, are everything to those humans.  And in 20-30-even 50 years, I want you to be in their time capsule, in those pictures holding your babies tight.  And giving them a look that let’s them know that they are your moon, your stars, your sky.
atlanta photography - families and children

marietta georgia lifestyle session

marietta georgia at home family photography session

marietta ga family photographer | katie oblinger

Lesley Graham - Atlanta Blogger -Photographed by Katie Oblinger Photography

marietta georgia family photographer

atlanta lifestyle family photographer

Katie Oblinger Photography Marietta Atlanta Family PhotographerKatie Oblinger Photography Marietta Atlanta Family PhotographerKatie Oblinger Photography Marietta Atlanta Family Photographer

katie oblinger photography

Historic Marietta Family Session

Katie Oblinger Photography Historic Marietta Family Photographer

Historic Marietta Family Photographer Katie Oblinger Photography

Graham Family | Around the Block | Marietta Atlanta Georgia Family Photographer >> Katie Oblinger Photography

Atlanta Family Photographer Katie Oblinger Photography

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