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These days I spend the bulk of my time planning out sessions, editing client photos, and then scheduling the session blog posts.  (Notice how I didn’t mention cleaning my house.) In my old age I’ve gotten very, very organized.  I have calendars and binders and a creative journal (that I actually carry around with me in my purse).  I’m becoming even more obsessed with this business than I ever could have imagined and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Except that sometimes I get so focused on the business side of things I forget that I should be photographing for fun too.  And sometimes I get a wild hair at 645a when I see my son doing his best Phillip Phillips performance so far of the day and run straight for my camera.  I took these photos with little to no natural light.  They’re incredibly grainy and slightly harsh, there’s a mess in the background, and Camden’s hair is a hot mess.  But you know what?  They’re real.  There’s no “cheese” face. There’s no fake grin.  There’s just a little boy singing and playing his heart out.  KOBL0001-1e


In a few weeks I’m going to be joining some incredibly talented photographers as we document a day in our own lives.  Stay tuned for the craziness that will ensue.  And stay tuned for more personal blog posts as well as more gorgeous client sessions.  This fall is about to get crazy guys and I’m so excited to get going!




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