Halloween 2013 | A true story

Can’t believe Halloween has already come and gone. Let’s just say that as much as I love the holiday, it never goes off without a hitch. Camden’s 1st Halloween was an absolute bust. The Yoda costume was cute, but he certainly wasn’t having any of it.  So the pictures are of a screaming and crying little boy.  Clearly, I didn’t want to rehash that by posting it here.
Then there was last Halloween where both my husband and I were sick.  Luckily, my sister in law had sent us this doggie costume for Camden because his original Bamm Bamm costume was about 3 sizes too big. Another bust.


So, basically, everything hinged on last night being a success.

My husband and son got home after 6p (hello darkness). Strike 1.

Camden refused to put on his costume.  Strike 2.

In an effort to avoid a strike-out, we grabbed his costume and headed to our friends’ house hoping that when Camden saw the other kids all dressed up he’d jump on board.  By the grace of God, he did.  And even though it was far too dark for me to even attempt to shoot in “natural light”, I threw caution to the wind because my boy was wearing his costume…and better yet, wasn’t screaming or crying.


And if you’re wondering who he is, I have four words for you: “SWEEP THE LEG, JOHNNY!”

Hope you all had a candy filled, sugar induced, very happy Halloween!




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