When I first started blogging years ago I had no idea the wonderful people I would “meet”. I’ve had a food blog for many, many years and although I’m nothing special in the cooking department, people were kind enough to stop by and leave comments. Some even sent me recipes,cookbooks, and gifts for my little boy. Through that blog, I’ve been introduced to more amazing people than I could ever imagine. And while I don’t have the luxury of seeing these people every single day, I did finally get to meet two of these sweet, fellow bloggers in person over Thanksgiving.
Being from Alabama, there was no excuse for me not to meet these two lovely ladies as they live in my home state. And as it happens, they are cousins who both have babies. Doesn’t get much better (or convenient) than that. So, the day after Thanksgiving, I packed up Camden, and out to meet the fabulously adorable and talented Melissa and Amanda (and their equally adorable babies).

When most of the time you feel like the internet is full of hatred, I’m here to say that there are wonderful and amazing people out there. And now I get to call those people friends.

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