Camden | 12 Months

Camden’s first year celebrations have come to an end, but there was one last piece to the puzzle…his 12 month photos.  Okay, so they didn’t happen right away, but I got them done before he turned 13 months old.  These are the last of the bunch.  No more white onesies.  No more monthly decals.  This is it.  And while they only slightly resemble the first batch I took almost one full year ago, he’s still my baby.  Just a whole lot more mobile.

These last few seriously crack me up.  It’s as if he can’t believe he’s finally 12 months old. This is how I imagine the conversation would have gone had Camden been able to say more to me than “ball” or “book”.


“No way! Really? So I don’t have to wear a sticker on my shirt anymore?”

“For real?  Because if you’re lying to me, that just wouldn’t be cool mom.”

“Ahh, no more stickers.  That’s right sticker.  I’ve outgrown you.  It’s been fun, but I get to move on.  I’m a big boy.”

That’s right, Camden…you are a big boy.  I cannot wait to see what the next 12 months bring.

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