Camden hits 6 months!

This time last year Atlanta was dealing with “Snowpocalypse” and I was quietly letting my friends know that I was pregnant.This time last year I had no idea what life had in store for me.
This time last year I had no clue how happy I was about to be.

Our little man turned 6 months old on Sunday and with each passing month I am blown away by how much he’s grown. How much he’s changed. And how stinking adorable he has become. Watching him grow and develop is nothing short of amazing. He lives for Libby and Justice. He giggles and smiles and loves to say “whoa”. He sleeps through the night and splashes in his bath. And he makes me love him more every single day. Didn’t know that was humanly possible. (But it is.)

And just like every other monthly birthday, we celebrate with me shoving my camera in Camden’s face. I thought he was officially over it last month. After looking at these photos, I KNOW he’s over it.

Too bad kid. That face is too cute not to photograph. So, we’ve got 6 down and 6 more to go.
Happy half birthday little man.

Mommy loves you.

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