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natural light atlanta and marietta, georgia photographerThe past two Fridays have been pretty much everything I’d hoped they would be.  Picking up my little one early from school and just enjoying some precious time together.  Just the two of us.  This past Friday I made a point of bringing my camera. This daily documentation of our lives has been a beautiful adventure, but it’s rare that any of these photos happen outside of our home.  With work and school, I have a few minutes morning or night to get that coveted photo of the day.  So finding myself with a Friday afternoon to explore and run around a field with my sweet boy was beautiful and wonderful and more than I could ever put into words.
We’d found this little homemade swing last week and it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever to my 3 year old.  The swinging only lasted a few seconds, but the throwing, ducking, falling lasted for quite a while.  And even though it was blazingly bright out, it was situated in this beautiful little pocket of sun and I’m not sure I could have created a more perfect spot or moment.  Since I took these photos Friday, I’ve looked at them and taken these moments in more times than I’d care to admit.  For me, I see this beautiful little boy who is growing up right before my eyes.  Of course he’s still little, but he’s now more little boy than toddler and while I adore seeing him become the person he is, I think I’d like to slow down the clocks just a little bit.

Here’s to more adventures with your own kids.  Even if it does involve a makeshift swing.

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