Brynnie’s 1st birthday

Little Brynn’s mom and I go way back. All the way back to our hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which if you know me, is a long, long time ago. Susie and my sister have been friends for as long as I can remember. And not too long ago, Susie and her husband made the move from NYC to Atlanta. The best part of her being here is that we were pregnant at the same time. For me it was great because I had someone to complain with about being miserable, and fat, and miserable. But Susie was the lucky one because her due date was before mine. And in the world of pregnancy, every day until that baby arrives is a countdown of epic proportions. So when Brynnie’s due date came and went I knew Susie was incredibly ready for her sweet baby’s arrival. And on June 28th, 2011, Brynn officially made her appearance.
Being a part of her first birthday celebration was special. Maybe it’s me, but 1st birthdays are the ultimate milestone for your little one. This party was the perfect way to celebrate. Susie and Stephen planned everything out to perfection and between you and me, Susie is one crafty lady. The party was complete with a music class and a Doljabi. What is a Doljabi you ask? Well, it’s a traditional Korean ritual celebrating the first birthday where the child is placed in front of several different objects. Whichever one the child chooses is supposed to foretell her future. In Brynn’s case, she was placed in front of:
yarn (longevity)
stethoscope (doctor)
ball (athlete)
paints (artist)
money (wealth)
book (scholar)

Hands down the best part of the day!

Watching as grown adults are shouting for Brynn to grab the cash was truly hilarious…and before long, I was shouting right along with them.
And if you’re wondering what she picked…she choose the book.

And because everyone was blown away with how perfect the party was…may I present to you the details:
Venue – La Grotta Ravinia
Strawberry Birthday Cake – Joli Kobe Bakery
Rice Cakes – P N Rice Cake House
Cookies – White Windmill Bakery
Labels, banner – friend/Jennifer Richey (she can duplicate and make just about anything!)
Birthday Hat – The Dizzy Dragonfly
Favor containers – Save-On Crafts
Kiddie favor bags – Oriental Trading Company
Picture frames, centerpiece vases – Ikea
Dol towers – Round containers from Home Depot (cement pouring tubes), Ribbon from Hobby Lobby, beans from Walmart
Dol raffle containers – Michael’s
The Music Class / Doris Seiden

Dol towers –

Paper globe centerpieces –


Happy birthday Brynnie!

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