Blake Turns One! {Atlanta Children’s Photographer}

Blake is one of the sweetest little boys I know.  He and my son, Camden, have been daycare buddies for a long time (in their short little lives).  And through their friendship, I came to know and love both Blake and his mom, Dayna.  Dayna and I catch up every afternoon as we’re wrangling our boys into our respective cars.  So when she asked me to photograph Blake’s 1st birthday party, I was ecstatic.  Knowing Blake made it even more special.

His party was filled with his friends and his adoring family all there to celebrate the momentous occasion.  Because we all know that turning one is a very, very big deal.  It’s the milestone of going from infant to toddler, being allowed to shove cake in your mouth and managing to get it all on your face without being judged or ridiculed, and in many cases, it’s when you go from trying to walk to ACTUALLY walking….Just like little Blake did for his whole family…

 Happy birthday sweet boy!
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