Beautiful Day | Vinings Atlanta Fall Family Photography Session

Family sessions can be stressful. True story. The prep, (not just you, the photographer, but the family as well), the decisions on location/clothing/morning session vs evening session. There’s a whole heckuva lot that goes into it before anyone shows up at their scheduled session time. So what happens when you and your family arrive at the predetermined, really quite fantastic location, and your photographer sees what can only be described as a rabid raccoon pacing drunkenly around her car???? Yeah, see the thing is, that happened. To me. And while I’d like to say that was the only time I’d witnessed a drunken raccoon at a session (99.9% certain it was rabid, since that whole wandering with a blank stare during daylight hours and wait, aren’t they nocturnal creatures?????), it’s not, thank you very much. Well, back to that whole what do you do thing….you call your family, tell them to turn their car around because there’s not a snowball’s chance your endangering anyone and you drive to another nearby location. (Did I mention this was an entirely true story? And you can see that exact session here.)

Well obviously, when their next session rolls around, you make it up to them by delivering on their originally requested location. And the daughter’s outfit matches the location and you die and go to heaven.

Beautiful family photo among warm fall foliage backdrop in Vinings, Atlanta.
Brother and sister cheesing it up for the camera
Little brother kissing big sister's hand.
Dad giving big hugs to his adorable little kids. Photo in black and white
little girl dressed in plaid and navy blue blazer, smiling and posing.
Mommy  and daughter in sweet embrace
Silly kids running on a polo field, with a big beautiful sky above them.
Brother sticking his tongue out while big sister gives him a hug
A brother and sister being silly while sitting on the polo fields in Vinings
A brother and sister rolling on the polo fields in Vinings

Vinings Atlanta Family Photography Session

Sweet little boy in thinking man pose while laying on the ground.
Little boy laying on the polo field in Vinings, head in hand, staring at the camera.
Little boy pulling his mom's blazer over his head.
Brother and sister doing their best Statue of Liberty impression in front of American flag.
Brother and sister doing their best Statue of Liberty impression in front of American flag.
Little brother jumping in big sis's arms. Standing in front of American Flag.
Diptych image of precious little girl making heart sign. And little girl being lifted in the air by her dad while standing in front of American Flag.
little boy playing airplane while his dad flies him through the air
Little boy on dad's shoulders.
mommy and her kids sitting on a polo field in Vinings
sassy little girl in beautiful fall forest scene
Portrait of a beautiful family on a path with warm fall foliage all around them.
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