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From the little lovie, to the leg hugs, to the mommy kisses, and the daddy snuggles, these guys are real, honest, loving, life.  I watch them as I’m watching life happen in real-time.  They forget I’m there.  They play with their children. They reassure them when they’re shy.  They act silly and giggly and loving and I could go on and on.  Atlanta, Roswell GA Family Photographer

When you’re a mom with nothing but a camera separating you from these moments, you watch these tiny minutes unfold a little differently. You see how a mom pulls her child close.  You see the little boy’s smile as his dad pulls him close and you realize that those children are completely happy and wholeheartedly loved by their parents.  You see the parents’ smiles and you can feel how much they adore their precious babies.  How there is nothing more perfect in their lives than those tiny, perfect human beings.  And in those moments you know that even though there’s this underlying perfect picture pressure, you, as the photographer, perfect isn’t everything.  Because as time goes by, you learn that perfection is overrated.  Poses are nice and pretty, but the realest of moments are what we as parents will always hold dear. Always.  So bring on the lovies.  Bring on the scratched knees and bruises.  Bring on the messy hair, the droopy pants, the Golden Girls kid dress. And always, always, bring on the love.
Atlanta, Roswell GA Family PhotographerAtlanta, Roswell GA Family Photographeratlanta-family-photographer_0875atlanta-family-photographer_0876Atlanta, Roswell GA Family Photographeratlanta-family-photographer_0878Atlanta, Roswell GA Family PhotographerAtlanta, Roswell GA Family Photographer

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