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atlanta-family-photographer_0375There are definite perks to this job.  One of them is seeing the same sweet faces year after year.  There’s something wonderful knowing that you can hug the family without being awkward. That you can make goofy faces at their little ones and the parents expect it.  That you know the children have already forgotten that you are taking their photos and are free to be their kind, gentle, and very silly selves. One of the sweetest families I’ve photographed for so many years was back in front of my camera this past fall. They fought the rains, the randomly warm weather, and an overall dreary day to bring their beaming smiles, their happy faces, and their cheery wardrobes to make the most of the afternoon.  And I’m so grateful for all of it.  atlanta-family-photographer_0376atlanta-family-photographer_0378atlanta-family-photographer_0377atlanta-family-photographer_0379atlanta-family-photographer_0380atlanta-family-photographer_0381

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This is where you will find happiness, candid moments, real, unabashed love, genuine people and the occasional photo of my child.  This is where you can come to enjoy the moments families share.  The moments of pure joy.  The moments I hope you'll soon create for yourself. I'm so glad you are here.