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baby in a cribAs a mom, receiving an email from another mom saying, “my baby growing so fast and I want to have more than iPhone pictures to capture how fun she is at this age! “, my heart melted for her! Because we have all been there.  We get caught up in the day to day of life and grab the closest thing to us…our phones…to photograph every little moment in our children’s lives.  Except, sometimes, we forget that it’s just a phone.  And unless you are Johnny on the spot and have a system like Chatbooks set up to consistently send you photo albums from your Instagram account, those photos are just going to collect dust in your photo stream.  But that’s not even the worst part!  The worst part is that because you are the one taking the photos, you are the one not actually in the photos.

When I receive emails like this one it honestly makes me smile because I’m the lucky one who gets to make sure that mom (and dad) are a part of their own memories.  And my word are those memories priceless!

sweet baby posing for her 7 month photossweet baby posing for her 7 month baby photosbaby sitting on floor staring out window

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