After Camden’s first birthday party, there were so many wonderful pictures that I knew we’d treasure forever.  I wanted a keepsake to tell the story instead of just having random photos in a box (or worse, sitting in a folder on my desktop) so I created an album.  Might sound weird, but I pull that album out every once in a while to enjoy the photos and the memories.  Since then I’ve decided to create an annual Camden album…not just for me, but for the grandparents too.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much these albums already mean to me.  One year in and I’m already seeing a story (in pictures) of my little boy and how he has already changed so much in his short life. It’s something that my husband and I will cherish always.
As you’ve probably seen, I’m also writing monthly letters to Camden.  I’ve already decided that I will turn those into an album (or multiple albums depending on how long this letter series goes on)  as well.

These albums are just the start of many and I hope to one day have a bookcase full of them.  And I’m already mentally planning out The Camden 2013 album. 🙂

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