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Dear Camden,
You, my sweet little boy, celebrated your 3rd birthday yesterday.

As in three whole years old.

I’m still not entirely sure how we got here.  Weren’t you just learning to crawl?  Sit up?  Walk?  Now my peanut, you are all over the place! Asking 5 zillion “why’s” every 5 seconds; running around at top speed;  climbing up jungle gyms; and insisting that you can do it “by myself”.  Your second year has brought us so much happiness and so much toddler angst and through it all though, you remain the most loving little boy ever. You are smart, silly, and so full of hilarity that I couldn’t imagine a day without you.  And honestly, I wonder what life was like before you.  Boring I imagine.  Very quiet and boring.

I have no idea what the next year holds for you, but I have a good feeling about your 3s.  You are so special and strong and I love everything about the little boy you’re becoming.  Your heart is sincere and kind and loving and while things haven’t been all puppy dogs and rainbows lately, you still smile every single day.  And I love you so much for that.  I can’t wait to teach you how to ride your bike this summer, watch you play lots of soccer with your daddy, entertain us all with your amazing Phillip Phillips performances.  I can’t wait for it all!  You, my sweets, are amazing and make your mommy and daddy so incredibly happy, so proud, and so full of joy.

Happy birthday my sweet monkey.

Te amo mucho.

the camden series | And just like that, he turned 3 | marietta ga lifestyle photographymarietta ga lifestyle photography | katie oblinger photographymarietta ga lifestyle photography | katie oblinger photography



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