The Camden Series | #3

nothing like a little puppy photobomb to get your boys to laugh!
Dear Camden,

My crazy little peanut.  Tomorrow you’ll be 16th months old and while it’s just another day in the grand scheme of things, it’s yet another milestone in your brief and precious life.  And you truly are a wonder.  As someone who never spent time with babies or toddlers ever before you were born, watching you learn and grow and develop skills is an absolute sight to behold.  This past weekend alone you started saying your own version of cheese..”chee” and repeating my favorite, “night night”.  Seriously.  I melt. And you’re showing me your head and your feet and your ears and where your diaper is.  Your sign language skills far surpass any I will ever have and you are always telling us that you’re hungry or that you want “mo mo”.  I die every time you sign. Seriously, you’re just beyond words adorable.  But what I love most is just how sweet and loving and kind you are.  The way you hug Justice and Libby, the way you pat Gus.  There’s a gentle quality about you that is innate and no matter how much of a boy you are, or how rough and tumble you may be, you make a point of always giving daddy and mommy hugs.  That, my sweet boy, is who you are.

And while I know the hugs will eventually become less, your kind nature will remain.

I cannot wait to see the things you will learn. The  boy you will become.

I love you,


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