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One of the latest goals I’ve decided to tackle on my 101 in 1001 list is to complete a 52 week photo project. At the beginning of this month, I came across one that more or less fit me personally so I decided to go for it.  Each week is a new theme.  And while so far, all three themes have ended up being focused around Camden, I’m actually okay with that.  I’m fairly certain that even though I have thousands upon thousands of photos of Camden sitting on hard drives, there can never be too many pictures of my little boy.
I actually haven’t done a 52 week project in quite a few years  simply because I either ran out of time or ran out of motivation.  So this year I’m putting my best foot forward to a) dedicate the time b) use it to practice new things and c) learn to enjoy the simple things in the everyday.

You’ve probably already seen some of these pictures floating around over on my Facebook page, but in an effort to keep up with my blogging in these slower months, I’ve decided to post them occasionally here as well.

Here are the first three weeks of my project 52..

49 more weeks to go.


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