marietta, roswell ga child photographer | january in instagrams

marietta, roswell ga child photographer | january in instagrams
My Instagram monthly recaps kind of fell by the wayside.  So here I am, getting back into the swing of the monthly iPhone photo parade. Weee!!!!

Funny when I look at my life in Instagrams, (because how else would you look at your life these days?) it’s all about Camden…and food. Crazy how my life is now compared to just 3 short years ago.  I remember complaining (while pregnant) how I was going to be a different kind of mom.  How my world wouldn’t change…how I wouldn’t lose me just because I had a child.  And now looking back I realize how ridiculous I sounded.  When you have a child everything changes from your priorities to your waist size.  And while I thought I wanted to be different, I’m honestly glad I’m not.  This is exactly how my world looks now, just maybe with a few more tantrums and a lot of tears.  But it also comes with his smile, his laugh, and a whole lot of hugs. And yes, my Instagram feed is filled with the daily happenings of Camden and you know what?  I like it just the way it is.

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