Just another day…

I have to remind myself that tomorrow is just another day. After all, it’s a Friday. Nothing special. The end of the work week. The start of the weekend. And the day my baby turns 11 months old. I know I should sit back and revel in the fact that I have this gorgeous child, so full of life, such an amazing little joy, but being totally honest…I’m sad. This year has been nothing but a blur. My husband and I have gone from being the most doe eyed parents ever to falling into the most normal of routines. We’re now “those people” who have more strollers than we care to admit, bottles everywhere, and a food stained high chair. And even though I never imagined our lives looking like this, I love every single minute of it. Even if it means my baby is turning into a little boy.

So, tomorrow is just another day. Camden will still be Camden and I’ll still be dreading the day my little man turns one. Out of all of the baby books written, nothing can prepare you for this (emotional) milestone.

Happy 11 months my little man. Let’s take this one slowly, okay?

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