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Heirloom Session Albums | Atlanta Family PhotographerIn our fast paced world, along with gadgets and social media, we often only “scroll” through our photos…on our phones, on Instagram, on Facebook.  We take no time in truly sitting with these images and appreciating them. Instead, we look at them in such a hurried race that 2 seconds later, we’ve forgotten exactly what we had looked at.  Now…remember when you were a kid how you’d pick up your parents’ old photo albums and you would get lost in those images?  How those albums would take you back to an exact moment in time and all of a sudden you’d be filled with these incredible feelings of joy just because you decided to pick up that album and thumb through those heavy, peel back pages. Heirloom Session Albums | Katie Oblinger -Atlanta Family Photographer

It’s because those moments of your past…those cherished moments of your life mean something to you.  They may even mean more to you now than you ever would have thought.  

Your memories deserve more than a dingy phone screen. They deserve to be picked up, held, appreciated and more importantly, shared with your children and their children. These memories are invaluable and beautiful and sentimental.  It’s why my own personal albums are some of my most treasured belongings.  And it’s why I will continue to offer heirloom session albums to all of my clients. Sometimes there is nothing better than to grab a cup of coffee and sit down with these time capsules and relive those precious moments.


To learn more about Heirloom Session Albums, email me at katie@katieoblinger.com.

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