Camden’s 10 month photos and a trip to the beach

To say I’m late sharing Camden’s 10 month photos is an understatement.  He’s closer to being 11 months old than he is to turning 10 months.  I’m late. But I have perfectly acceptable excuses.
1st- we went to the beach.

2nd- my computer died.

3rd- I had sessions to edit.

4th- I’m not ready to accept the fact that my baby is getting dangerously close to celebrating his first birthday.


Our monthly birthday photo shoots are getting more and more difficult as Camden grows more mobile.  I remember the days where he’d just lay there all still and cute on his blanket.  Now, I spend our quick sessions crawling after him, pulling his leg so that he doesn’t race out of the room. And that’s exactly why I now have 3 photos from our session instead of the average 10.  Just getting a semi-decent shot of this kid when he’s on his own, is a workout in and of itself.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.  Because if I hadn’t worked up a sweat chasing this little man around, I wouldn’t have captured this smile.

Or this look.
Or this moment.And with a little over a month left of Camden’s first year, I’ll take all the photos I can get.


Which leads me to our beach trip to Charleston…or technically, Isle of Palms.  It was Camden’s first ever trip to the beach and all I wanted to do was savor this first. So within an hour of reaching our destination, Ashley’s parents, Ashley, Camden and I all headed down to the beach.  It’s safe to say that Camden loved it.  Truly, we were shocked at how much he loved it.  From the pool to the little ocean tide pools, I’m now convinced that he’s a total water baby.  God he’s cute. (I can say that, right?  After all, he’s my baby!)

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