Another Update to my 101 in 1001

I originally started this project back on March 1st.  Not quite a year into it and I’ve already tackled a few things on the list…unfortunately, I haven’t quite finished compiling the list.  But as my life seems to be a bit of a roller coaster these days, I think it’s time I added a few things..things that mean something; things that will make me a better person; grow my business; and just make things better all around.
Start date: March 1, 2012

End date: November 27, 2014

1. remodel downstairs half bath
2. paint kitchen
3. paint/decorate bonus room
4. second shoot a wedding – completed on 7/21
5. photograph a wedding – completed 10.20.12
6. learn flash
7. buy a canvas of camden – completed sept. 2012
8. create a family photo gallery for upstairs hallway
9. lose 10lbs by december 2012
10. run a 5k
11. read a book a month for a year / or 12 books in a year
12. finish decorating master bedroom
13. redesign my website – completed April 27th, 2012
14. post monthly for a year to you are what you eat…or reheat
15. write letters to camden for a year
16. practice yoga regularly
17. take a trip with my sister to LA
18. go on family walks for a month
19. attend a photography workshop
20. add paypal to my site
21. read Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series – completed March 2013
22. complete an Alice In Wonderland styled session
23. complete a monthly self potrait project for a year
24. turn camden’s baby clothes into a quilt
25. keep patience in check for a month
26. plant a flower garden
27. watch the series “extras”
28. complete 5 things I’ve pinned on pinterest
29. visit a winery…in north georgia
30. limit pasta intake to no more than 2 nights a week (seriously)
31. try a new restaurant a quarter
32. visit the High Museum at least once a year
33. paint guest bedroom – completed 3/9/12
34. stop comparing my work to other, more established photographers.
35. photograph a session at the Georgia Aquarium
36. take one day off a quarter for a year to “spring clean” the house
37. sell product –completed 3.23.12 – sold prints
38. buy / make a cakestand
39. build/decorate valances for guest bedroom
40. complete Camden’s 1st year scrapbook
41. create a true wedding album from our wedding photos
42. read To Kill A Mockingbird
43. sing karaoke
44. visit my dear friend Elaine in Knoxville for our bi-annual cake tasting adventure
45. attempt 3 recipes in Charleston Classic Desserts
46. have a family photo taken by a fellow photographer – completed July 7th,2012
47. create a business Christmas card – completed dec.2012
48. come up with a theme for Camden’s 1st birthday party –completed 3.26.12
49. go to LA and act like a tourist
50. host a dinner party
51. assist on a wedding shoot – completed may 20th, 2012
52. dedicate one night a week to laundry for a month
53. limit computer usage to two nights a week for a month
54. read The Hunger Games Trilogy (yes, I’m late to the game:)– completed April 29th, 2012
55. let my photographs tell a story
56. complete project 52
57. rebrand my business – completed april 2013
58. save enough money to renovate kitchen
59. display camden’s artwork
60. buy a piece of christina’s art for living room
61. have one of my photographs featured…somewhere
62. write down 2013 business goals
63. organize home office
64. book 3 weddings in a year
65. decorate downstairs patio with adirondack chairs dad builds
66. turn the camden series into a book
67. find a job that fulfills me
68. create sample albums for my business
69. donate my services to a charity – completed march 2013
70. don’t buy another lens for a year
71. learn to market myself and my business
72. put myself out there more…spend time blogging about life.


Again, it’s a work in progress so be patient as I make my way through it…learning along the way.
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