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Today started off badly.  And that’s just putting it mildly.  At 530a I heard Camden crying in his room. Thought it might have been the normal waking up too early routine, but after rocking him and thinking he was falling back to sleep, out of nowhere the poor little baby got sick. The upside was that it turned out not to be a stomach bug, but definitely what he ate last night.  And for the record, it wasn’t the result of my cooking. So yeah, as of 530am we were up. And after giving Camden a 6am bath and watching Peanuts, Lucy Must Be Traded for entirely too long, I opted to pick up my camera and make a day of it.  Tons of photographers document their lives weekly, daily with projects that I can’t even fathom being able to find time to complete, but today, I decided to take a stab at a Day in the Life project.  Can’t say that  I’ll be able to do this too often.  There were too many times where I either forgot to pick up my camera or I forgot to put it down.  But the day ended up being pretty fantastic even after its rocky start and I have some shots that I never would have gotten had I not made the effort.
For the record, he is pantsless in picture two, there was no nap even though I made a 3 hour attempt for him to take one, and he practically wore pj’s for 75% of the day. All in all, it was a good day.

a day in the life | katie oblinger photography


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