5 Things I’ve Learned As A Photographer

As some of you may know, I love lists.  To do lists.  Dream lists.  House makeover lists.  Bucket lists.  Lists. Lists. And more lists.

The other night I started running through things that I’ve discovered or realized since picking up a camera and opening up this business a few years back.  Thought, this blog doesn’t get enough love so I decided to share my thoughts right here.

1. Sessions are stressful.

They are.  No matter how you shake it, the thought of herding your husband, kids, and sometimes dog to look well manicured, clean shaven, unwrinkled, and show up to a new location on time is freaking stressful.  I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.  But I’m also here to let you in on a secret…

Don’t be stressed.

Think of your session as having a play date with your family. No, really.  This is the one time you can shut your brain off.  You do not have to think about the laundry piling up, or the unmade beds, or carpool, or soccer practice, or school projects.  This is your time.  So forget your worries and soak up this time you get to spend with your babies, your beautiful children, and your spouse.

little girls jumping

family snuggling in a field of grass

husband and wife smiling off into the distance

2. You guys love each other.

You really, really love each other.  Every time, without fail, the stress and worry of preparing for your session quickly fades and the sweetest moments begin to unfold.  Honestly, it’s true.  The way you guys are completely unaware of the loving gestures that happen naturally is adorable.  And I’m right there photographing it all happen in real time.

b&w picture of mom and daughter

mom hugging her little boy

father in law hugging son in law

3. Whatever camera you have is the right camera.

True story.  We all get wrapped up in the gear talk. The new Mark IV and it’s shiny new features.  The fancy underwater housing. Yeah, I don’t have the time (or money) to stress over that madness.  I also don’t want to lug my camera around with me every time I venture outside.  So guess what?  I use whatever camera I have available. The majority of the time that means I’m using my phone.  And when I’m on vacation and want to pretend to be an underwater photographer, I’m using my original GoPro.  Let me stress…original. No viewfinder.  No nothing.  My point is, use what you have and love it.   In the end, you won’t regret taking the photo.

black and white reflection

reflections in the surf

dad sticking his tongue out at son

underwater photograph of little boy swimming

4. Social media is great for being social.

It’s entertaining in a time suck kind of way. It allows you to share tidbits of your life and sometimes those gorgeous family photos you spent your hard earned money on.  But you know what?  You can’t hang Facebook on your wall.  Instagram is just another app you scroll through where your images live in a minuscule square format.  They’ll disappear from your iPhone screen every time you upload a new photo.  And yes, I’m sure people will leave lovely comments on those square images, because again, it’s social media.  But wouldn’t those memories be better served hanging on your walls?  So that when you pass those framed prints you stop for a moment to smile over that one time your most favorite people on earth were just being perfectly perfect?

turquoise wall with framebridge frame and musea black and white print


5. Not every moment needs to be documented.

Contrary to popular opinion, not every single moment needs to be documented.  I wish I had a child that wanted every minute of his day photographed. But guess what?  I don’t.  Nor do I have the inclination to lug my camera around with me all day, every day. And honestly, I’d rather put the camera down and experience the moments as they happen in real time, not from behind a camera lens.  I’m sure I’m missing out on some beautiful photographic moments, but sometimes, the mental pictures I have are worth every second of leaving that camera behind.

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