The Young Family | Family fun

Photography is a unique thing.  Depending on what your specialty is, you’re be invited into someone’s world to witness something special.  In my case, I’m invited in to  capture children being children…being themselves, being silly, and being unbelievably happy.  I get to sit back and watch the interactions between brothers and sisters, mothers and sons.  It’s in those little moments that I get to see it all.  The love, the happiness, and the everyday.

My session with the Young family was the perfect lifestyle session.  No posing, no props.  Just an afternoon of family fun.  From playing in the backyard to snuggling up with each other on the living room sofa.  This is what it’s all about.

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Hello Friends

Welcome to Katie Oblinger Photography! 

This is where you will find happiness, candid moments, real, unabashed love, genuine people and the occasional photo of my child.  This is where you can come to enjoy the moments families share.  The moments of pure joy.  The moments I hope you'll soon create for yourself. I'm so glad you are here.