the mcclelland family

I love this family.Not only are they gorgeous, they’re loving, and kind, and more than anything, just like family. Christina has been like my other little sister ever since I can remember. We grew up playing tennis together, traveling to tennis tournaments across Alabama together. Babysitting her. Introducing her to the Indigo Girls. We’ve known each other forever.

I remember getting the phone call telling my sister and me that she’d met a guy…on New Year’s Eve of all days… Little did we know that guy would one day become her husband.

And then, in 2010, finding out that Christina was pregnant with Mabry. At times, I just can’t get over the fact that she’s not the little 10 year old with a two handed forehand anymore. She’s an adult. A wife. A mom.

Being able to take these photos is one of my happiest moments. Walter and Christina are in love. And they adore Mabry. And I got to make these moments stand still. I can safely say, that these rank up there as some of my most prized photographs ever.

And after loving on Mabry as many chances I could get throughout our session, Christina grabbed my camera and snapped this photo.  Yeah, it’s going in a frame on my wall.

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