The daily photo project | Week 1

When 2014 came to a close, I saw so many talented photographers wrapping up their year long daily photo projects.  They’d stuck to it. They’d created a years worth of memories.  And they were amazing.I was bitten by the 365 bug and here I am, day 13, still going strong.  Still WANTING to go strong.  Waking up every morning and grabbing my camera to capture some sort of household shenanigans.  It’s always interesting when you are relegated to taking photos before 730 in the morning and after 630 at night. It’s dark, grainy, sometimes moody, but always real.  A friend emailed me saying that she loved the real and rawness of the photos and I’d never looked at them that way. But now that I take a step back from my first completed week I see it. And I love it.  It’s telling a story of my daily life with my boys, my dogs, and my cat (I know, yet to be seen here)…and this is exactly what it looks like.  It’s not prettied up, but it’s perfect. Every single second of it.
The daily photo project | Week 1


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