the camden series | #11

Dear Camden,

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to sit down and write this letter. I’ve put it off for several weeks because coming to terms with the fact that you are now 2 years old isn’t exactly an easy thing for me. Much like when you turned one, the days and months leading up to it were kind of sad. I was saying goodbye to my baby. And even though you’re not a baby anymore, you’re still little and by turning 2 somehow that just means you’re closer to 5, and 10 and you get the idea. In my wildest dreams I never thought these 2 years would fly by the way they have. But they have and they will continue to. So do me a favor, can you try not to grow up so fast? I see you out there wanting to mow the lawn like daddy and throw the football and race us to the stop sign. Can you throw in a baby giggle every once in a while? Can you let me rock you a little longer while you make me sing Rockabye Baby? Instead of wanting to listen to Sara Bareilles, can we just sing Wheels on the Bus or Baby Beluga? I’d really kind of appreciate it. Because you won’t be laying in my lap rocking much longer. And you won’t be asking for Baby Beluga in a few years. You’ll be off playing baseball or soccer and these precious little mommy – Camden moments will be few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, I get kind of giddy thinking about the boy you’re going to be, but I’m afraid that by doing that, I’m wishing my little toddler away. And I’m kind of obsessed with the toddler you are. You know, minus the kicking, screaming, whining, crying, and tantrum throwing. That I can do without. But I love you always, no matter what.

You turned 2 just a few weeks ago and we had a nice little family party for you…airplane cake (and airplane fork) and all. Can’t really say I’ve ever seen a 2 year old inhale a piece of cake the way you did. Son, you love your sweets. I don’t blame you. They are pretty outstanding. Everyone was there to celebrate another amazing year in the Camden record books and you loved every second of it. Then again, you are a pretty happy boy especially when your grandparents are around to shower you with insane amounts of love.

So happy birthday my little one. Seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the very first time thinking I will never, ever let you go. I’ve probably said it more times than I can count, but you are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me and each morning I get to see your face is the best moment of my day.

I love you sweet boy,

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