The Camden Series- #1

As part of my 101 in 1001 project, I decided to write letters to Camden for a year.  For the first year of his life, I made every effort to sit down and write notes to him in a journal I started the day of his birth.  Unfortunately, that journal has settled into a spot on my nightstand, collecting dust.  I spend far more time at the computer and far less time actually writing so knowing that, I decided to start the Camden Series.

It’s just my little way of continuing a monthly update without forcing him to wear those funny white onesies with decals. Because let’s be honest, after about month 9, he started to look a bit silly.

Welcome to the Camden Series.  


My Dear Sweet Camden-

Your first year is now a total blur.  You’ve gone from being that 6lb tiny little baby into this walking, talking, hilarious boy who has forever changed our lives.  This year has come with some challenges too.  You underwent corrective eye surgery just 3 days before your 1st birthday.  And while I was a complete wreck, you were rock solid.  You didn’t let something like surgery hold you back.  And in less than 2 short weeks, you will have to go through it all again.  Your little eyes just haven’t improved as we’d all hoped so while you are wearing a patch to strengthen your right eye, I have the utmost faith that your new doctor and next procedure will make your eyes as perfect as you already are.  

Since you turned one, you’ve taken off! You don’t just walk flat out run.  You are determined and silly and smart and loving.  You adore Libby and Ro-Ro and you are incredibly gentle with them both.  (I promise you that one day Libby will come around.)  You’ve developed this personality that makes everyone who meets you love you.  I’m still not sure how a 13 month old can do it, but you certainly can.  What I love most though are your quirks.  You choose spinach over turkey.  You say “booka booka”  when I know you can say “book”. You listen to “The Addams Family” theme song on repeat and you clap along at all the right moments.  You hate your carseat.  But you love your big boy chair that your Auntie Jenn Jenn gave you. You throw your cups when you’re at home, but apparently, never at daycare.  And you’ve turned your highchair into a food dispenser for the dogs…who, by the way, love you for that.

Every day is a new adventure.  You are learning things faster than I could have imagined and I can’t wait to see what month 14 brings.  Your 13th month has made me fall in love with you more than I ever knew possible.  I can’t remember what life was like before you were here and I thank God every single day for bringing you into our lives.




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