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Since I started my photography venture a little over a year ago I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet and interact with some amazing photographers. Some of us are finding are way through it together, while others are firmly planted in successful businesses.  Since I’m still relatively new, I have a tendency to annoy these same people (the new AND established) with questions about products or advice on editing techniques.  And every single time, these wonderful photographers help me out.  One in particular has helped me more than she knows.  When I decided I wanted to dip my toe in the wedding photography pool, she offered up words of wisdom which helped guide me through my friend’s vow renewal.  It was absolutely the perfect first step in the wedding photography learning process.  But, being me, I needed more. So, I went back to this same photographer and asked her if she’d ever be willing to let me assist her.  And when I say assist, I mean, I would have carried her bags, gotten her water, done anything she asked me to do because I wanted to learn from the best.  I had to see her at work…how she managed the day, the expectations…how she directed the couple, the families, all the while getting amazingly perfect shots.
I got that opportunity last month when Amanda Pair invited me to assist her on one of the most beautifully planned weddings I’ve ever seen.

So I packed my gear, rented an amazing lens and drove to Birmingham for the day.  What I learned just by watching her in action was priceless.  If I could assist her 100 more times, I would.  I have no doubt I would learn something new each time…whether it be framing the shot, catching the perfect light, capturing the most minute detail…

The experience left me wanting to do it again and again.  And while my photos don’t even remotely compare to hers, I walked away knowing that I’d gained knowledge that I never would have learned by reading articles online.  I learned that I can be a better photographer…and maybe even one day a wedding photographer.


Thank you Amanda for giving me this amazing opportunity to grow as a photographer and for inspiring me every step of the way.


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