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The Face of Childhood – Squish – Atlanta, Marietta Child Photographer

There’s an energy people put out…some people have this natural ability to make you feel good. happy. They make you want to smile and be silly and just feel alive. Not everyone has that gift. Squish does. In spades. So sitting across from him for his “portrait session” was just really fun. Everyone around us…

Grant + Grayson | The Face of Childhood

This project has brought so many kids into my life. Kids that are inquisitive. Kids that are quiet and shy. Kids that are precocious…silly, happy, and kind. Kids that are apprehensive…goofy, and sweet. Because kids are everything. They are multi-dimensional, inquisitive little beings who are crazy smart. Grant and Grayson are all of these words…

Jack | The Face of Childhood

Continuing with my favorite little photo series featuring the different faces of childhood, ages 3-12. This black and white photo series captures the pure innocence of children in a simple setting.

Hello Friends

Welcome to Katie Oblinger Photography! 

This is where you will find happiness, candid moments, real, unabashed love, genuine people and the occasional photo of my child.  This is where you can come to enjoy the moments families share.  The moments of pure joy.  The moments I hope you'll soon create for yourself. I'm so glad you are here.