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On a whim I asked some friends if they’d be up for starting a blog circle.  Luckily, they obliged and one of them even managed to con a few more people into joining the group.  What’s the purpose of this blog circle you ask?  Well, it’s to encourage ourselves as photographers; to push ourselves; to foster friendships; and to share some inspiration with each other.  Our theme is Life in Color.  And no doubt we’ll each interpret this theme in a multitude of fashions.  We’ll post monthly and share our visions of the theme from one blog to the next.
Personally, it’s a way for me to be a part of something in this crazy world of photography.  Where I can stretch my creative legs and be inspired by my fellow photographers.

And I know it’s a shock, but this month’s photo is of my little boy Camden.  There are so many things I love about this photo, but I love just how it really is my life.

Nothing fancy, nothing staged, just a moment where Camden is showing off his coloring skills, using his left hand, while my dog Justice lounges on the couch.  It’s a Sunday morning routine and it’s my life in color.

Now please head on over to my sweet friend, Brooke Murphy’s blog to see her first installment of Life In Color.

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